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Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

PRECARB® is the trade name of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC).

This material can be produced in different crystal modifications.




Furthermore, the particle shape may be varied in a very broad range.







The physical parameters are optimized for each of these crystal or granular structure, depending on their intended application, eg.:

- particle size and distribution (psd)

- individual particles or agglomeration of primary crystals

- specific surface area, pore volume, absorption capacity (oil absorption).

By changing these parameters, the light scattering capability, opacity/hiding power, rheology and many other relevant properties for the application can be optimally influenced.

We meet the manifold market requirements by providing calcium oxide in lump, granular and fine qualities, classified lime hydrate at various quality levels and ready-to-use, highly reactive milk of lime.

With the help of our statistic process control, we are able to guarantee product properties such as chemical purity, reactivity and a homogeneous condition on an ongoing basis, depending on the quality standard required.

The production of different white lime hydrate qualities is performed in one of the latest hydrator units which generate lime hydrates with defined screening residues and precise reactivity adjustments.

Highly reactive, ready-to-use milk of lime is produced in a special slaking unit.