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Our offer includes coloring concentrates used in the production of cables, rubber, plastics, etc.
In addition, our masterbatches may include, among others UV stabilizers, flame retardants, antioxidants and lubricants.

Application process:

- extrusion,
- injection,
- blow molding and extrusion,
- calendering.


Masterbatches are compatible with polymers such as:

- PVC:
- PE,
- PP.

- EVA:
- Nylon,
- thermoplastics.


Color can be designed according to the main international technical specifications:

- DIN-47002 (RAL 840 HR),
- BS-6746C,
- AFNORNFX 08-002,
- CEI / IEC-304.

Our plasticizers are produced in conditions fulfilling all the quality requirements starting from raw material and supply acceptance to delivery of the end product. The production processes are being done in two specially equipped laboratories with necessary equipment, new technologies procedures and with experienced staff.
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