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Pigment dispersions for tinting and coating of fertilisers  - FERTINYL

FERTINYL can be used for tinting and coating of fertilisers NPK. Thus, it is easier to identify them visually and helps the user while its manipulation and addition.

FERTINYL has been developed in order to avoid interference of its components, and also to guarantee the non-contamination of the treated earth.

FERTINYL offers a wide range of colours, such as blue, green, black, red and yellow. We can also supply tailor-made specific colours that could be required by our customers.

It applicable for NPK, Granulated Urea, Solid Nitrates and others.

Pigment Dispersions for Universal Systems POLISIL

We offer the Pigment Dispersions POLISIL to be applied for colouring on the universal systems for different application as paints, gel-coats.           

Dispersions' colours are based on RAL< NCS, PANTONE colour cards and individual customer's requirements.