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Zeolites are aluminium-silicate minerals that have very wide internal surfaces (up to approx. 400 m2/g) due to their special micro-porous structure. As a result, zeolite can store an inimitable quantity of water or other substances.

In addition, zeolite has also a selective ion exchange property in relation to a special chemical composition (in this case, the highest clinoptilolite percentage possible is the decisive quality criterion).

The different zeolite products can be used in many applications thanks to their special properties. All products are completely natural and, as a result, can be safely used in organic farming.


  • Farming:
    • Feeding
    • Soil improvment, soil and sewage additive
    • Straw additive
  • Natural protection against fouling by dogs and cats
  • Pool filter, ponds, aquaristics
  • Drink and waste water treatment
  • Industrial applications:
    • Paper production
    • Filler for the rubber production
    • Extraction of heavy and non ferrous metals
    • Hydrogen and nitrogen separation of the air
    • etc.