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As a functional filler with reinforcing properties, IMIFABI talc is used as a reinforcement in many polymer applications.

The mixture of talc and polypropyleneis used in automotive industry (bumpers, boards), houseware, packagings, etc.

As an anti-blocking agent: in polyethylen films production, to decrease blocking resistance without affecting mechanical properties.

Talc is also used in:

- cosmetic industry (powder, addition to soaps)

- pharmaceutical industry (ointments, powder)

- rubber industry (as a filler to improve smoothness and reduce permeability)

- to production of fire-resistant materials

- ceramic industry

IMIFABI talcs improve dry coating, dulling effect, resistance to cracking and corrosion. Small grains are perfect as a filler to Titanium dioxide, putty or glaze.



Highly pure and highly lamellar grades, even at the finest particle size distributions. Born mainly for plastics applications, this range of products is very successful in several other industrial uses.

The HM product line can be characterized by high brightness, highly lamellar talc particles. HM would be recommended where high brightness and high toughness are required. Typical application areas recommended for HM grades would be automotive moldings and trim, or in appliance applications such as interior parts or housings. The HM grade of talc products has also been very successful in other applications like paints, coatings, and putties.

Manufactured mainly for the American market, these products are characterized by high purity and medium brightness. They are available in a wide range of fineness.

The historical series of IMIFabi. Mined underground in the Western Alps, this steatite is processed with a proprietary technology to give products with different levels of carbonates. Its typical composition is the key to the success in several applications, like plastics, paints putties, pitch control for the paper industry.

These products have been specially developed as anti-blocking agents for the polyethylene film industry. NB grades are an excellent alternative to more traditional anti-blocking products based on precipitated silica.

The highest purity for the most sensitive applications: pharmaceutical and food industry. All our PHARMA products are in compliance with the strictest international Pharmacopeias!

Chemically coated talcs, the GENERA range offers superior and specific performances to the polymer, paint and ink industries.

Because certain talc powders can become very light and dusty affecting feeding and materials handling, IMIFabi offers two lines of compacted products, our C Compacted grade and the new L or LIGHT Compacted grade.

- the C Compacted grade increases the bulk density of talc powder. This allows for fast feed rates, no dust, and effective logistics and materials handling.

- the L Compacted grade, is an intermediate compaction process designed to produce compacted products with a bulk density less than our C grade. The lighter compaction process also provides the end user with a low dusting dense powder cake that is easy to transfer, feed into the end use process, and disperses easily in the shortest time with the least amount of dispersive mixing in any extruder.